Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Google pages

So - thought I'd write an edit on my googlepages (nataraj.googlepages.com) effort. When I heard of googlepages - I thought - Wow - that should be good. I guess I am a bit dissapointed. This sort of threw me back to the days when I first got my VSNL account - they had setup a place where you could "host" your page. Let me see if I remember what it was .... (some desperate attempts - finally had to google for it) personal.vsnl.com/nataraj - that's a blast! Ah memories... I had setup my wedding invitation there - online - complete with links to Holiday Inn (where the reception was). I guess that was a pioneering effort of sorts.. but I digress.

Googlepages will eventually give into either
a. A web hosting kind of thing (where I can run what I want)
b. A blogging place - it has to.

What would I use this for? Blogs (I can have blogger)? Repository (that could be google drive or, again, blogs)? A place to put my links together??? Overall I prefer blogger - there is some focus there - and that's what most people want to do today - Blog!

I think googlepages is a few years late....(to be continued)...


Asish Thomas Punnoose said...

Note sure about googlepages, but isn't that what MSN spaces too is doing...

I would bet blogger, as long at its just content publication.. or wait till the next killer app to come and bring in a paradigm shift.

Kiran Nataraj said...

Shi(f)t happens...;-)