Friday, April 02, 2010

iPad - Review of Reviews!

So the iPad has been out for a week... "No!" I hear you say - "it's out tomorrow (Saturday) - have you been smoking pot?".

Well - it's out today (Saturday) for the common masses (actually, let me correct that) - for the the "Early Apple Adopters", but it has been out for a week for some very select tech reviewers (before you start - No, I did not receive one - contrary to expectations). Hey - I can dream, can't I.

Since I can't post a review here - I thought I'll do a "review of reviews".

I got the basic list from here - (The Apple Blog).

Here are my thoughts (in the order that I reviewed)

Read David Pogue's review for the NY Times first. Good take on doing two reviews effectively: one from a tech perspective and the other from a layman perspective. Not much depth - but good reading.

I then moved on to Stephen Fry's review for Time Magazine - loved the review, if only for the complete background and the humor. Also loved Jonathan Ive's take on why No Camera, No Flash, etc. Obviously we are talking total Apple fanboi here - so not much negative. The whole review is more on philosophical lines, and  I totally get where he is coming from. Makes me want to get the iPad today!

Next, on to Walt Mossberg's review, by far the most boring review. Actually put me to sleep while reading.

The PC Mag review is a true technical review - listing all features in detail. Even talks about stuff like the ambient senser light detector, etc. By far the most comprehensive review out there. Must read.

Also liked the Houston Chronicle review - especially the quote “Speaking of my wife, prior to our iPad’s arrival she said she didn’t understand why anyone would want or need an iPad. Now she just keeps saying, ‘No, you can’t have it back.’” I can pretty much visualized the same scene here at home.

Speaking of which, my request for an iPad got turned down by the bitter better half. Tried the - "let's get it for Mom" approach, that too didn't work as mom overheard and shot that down as well :-(

Any suggestions? Need a good convincing excuse reason to get an iPad. Now!

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Bhushan said...

Nice :) Try "the kids need it for their development" approach. You should also write a blog about my new venture DoTogether ( :-)