Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Testlink + Google Apps Authentication

I've been considering using testlink (www.teamst.org) for test case management at work, and one of the things I was looking for was authentication using Google Apps. (Entrib runs Google Apps).  Our mediawiki site also uses Google Apps authentication and I thought it would be great if testlink also supports this (but it does not).

Long story short - I was able to take the mediawiki Google Apps Authentication (actually Google Apps Authentification - yes the "fication" is what you should search for if you want Google Apps authentication with mediawiki) and integrate that with testlink.

Here are the steps I did (post a comment if you want the code)
- Replaced the password check with my own function that called the GoogleAuth code
- If successful - retrieve the email address, First Name and Last Name
- Create a user in the database with the credentials got (if the user does not exist)
- Create a session and redirect to index.php

Will post the code when I get the time.


Renjith Menon said...

I was searching for the same - google apps authentication for Testlink . Can you lease share me details on how you achieved it ?

Kiran Nataraj said...

Drop me a direct message at my email id - which is my last name at gmail